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Kisina Déco

Founded in 2018, Kisina Déco is a Quebec company that markets African-inspired interior decoration items made by artisans in Senegal.

The main objective behind the creation of Kisina Déco is to promote the sharing of African art culture and know-how with the rest of the world. Kisina Déco wishes to create a bridge between Africa and the West by promoting the consumption of products from Africa. Kisina Déco's items are the perfect blend of African traditions and Western reality.

Treat yourself to a unique, original, warm decor and highlight the authenticity of each space!

African-inspired cushion in Wax fabrics

The word KISINA in Kikongo (dialect spoken in Central Africa)

means origin, source, strain.

Our social involvement


Social involvement is at the heart of Kisina Déco's concerns.


KISINA supports female leadership through partnerships with NGOs that fight for the cause of women.


KISINA wishes to make the population aware of the value of women-owned businesses in addition to making people discover African culture. This fully represents the foundation of the company.

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