Founded in 2018, Kisina Déco is a Quebec company that markets African-inspired interior decoration items made by artisans in Senegal.

The main objective behind the creation of Kisina Déco is to promote the sharing of African art culture and know-how with the rest of the world. Kisina Déco wishes to create a bridge between Africa and the West by promoting the consumption of products from Africa. Kisina Déco's items are the perfect blend of African traditions and Western reality.

Treat yourself to a unique, original, warm decor and highlight the authenticity of each space!


The word KISINA in Kikongo (dialect spoken in Central Africa)

means origin, source, strain.



Originaire de la République du Congo, Prima se définit comme une citoyenne du monde ayant choisi le Canada pour terre d'adoption. Jeune professionnelle dynamique, Prima évolue dans le domaine des technologies de l'information.


Prima a étudié, travaillé et visité plusieurs pays ce qui est à l’origine de son métissage culturel et de son ouverture sur le monde. L’entreprise Kisina Deco a vu le jour dans le but de partager le savoir faire d’Afrique avec le reste du monde. Prima rêve de voir les produits d’Afrique disponibles sur le marché international au même titre que les produits provenants d’autres pays.


Présidente ex-officio de BPW Montréal et Vice-présidente Membership de BPW Canada, le développement de l'entrepreneuriat féminin est l'une des causes qui lui tiennent le plus à cœur. Il est important pour Prima de participer au développement de l’économie locale tout en partageant la culture de sa terre natale.


Sa plus grande force est la persévérance et sa capacité de bien s’entourer !

Prima Mabonzo, Founder


Originally from the Republic of Congo, Prima defines herself as a citizen of the world who has chosen Canada as her adopted land. Young dynamic professional, Prima evolves in the field of information technologies.


Prima has crossed more than ten countries, which is at the origin of her cultural mix and her openness to the world. Giving way to an increasingly pressing need to get involved in a project that tells her story and her various experiences, Prima decides to create his own company, in parallel with her salaried activity. Prima dreams of seeing African products available on the international market just like products from other countries.


Ex-officio President of BPW Montreal and Vice-President Membership of BPW Canada, the development of female entrepreneurship is one of the causes that are close to her heart. It is important for Prima to participate in the development of the local economy while sharing the culture of his native land.


Her greatest strength is perseverance and her ability to surround herself well!

Our social involvement


Social involvement is at the heart of Kisina Déco's concerns.


KISINA supports female leadership through partnerships with NGOs that fight for the cause of women.


KISINA wishes to make the population aware of the value of women-owned businesses in addition to making people discover African culture. This fully represents the foundation of the company.