KISINA, Love it & Adopt it !!

Designers and
interior decorators

Are you looking for new original products for your customers or business projects?


It is at Kisina Déco that you will find the authenticity you need.


We offer chic and ethnic accessories that can be custom designed for your projects.  


With us, you will find items that can make a difference to your customers. 

Young designer

Distributors and retailers

Do you like to sell and distribute diverse and innovative products?


At Kisina Déco you will find products that are a perfect blend of African tradition and modernity. Colorful and festive decorative accessories, what could be better for your customers!


It will be our pleasure to count you among our distributors.


Canadian Companies

Are you looking for a way to reward and motivate your employees?

Why not add Kisina Déco to the list of employee discounts or even offer a Kisina Déco product to mark the arrival of a new employee!


We will be happy to participate in the well-being of your employees and illuminate their decor.


Bloggers and

At Kisina Déco, we like to talk about our universe so that others can discover it.


We also like to pass on to our community the know-how of other nuggets related to our sector. So we can work together to promote your products and ours.


It would be our pleasure to cooperate with you.

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Contact us to receive the media kit  /  Tel. 514-291-4993

Thank you!

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