KISINA Déco: accessorize your decor with an African touch

I say this often; a great way to add extra flair to a decor is to add stylish accessories. I also often say that the best way to travel without moving is to make travel part of its surroundings. I'll let you do the math: one + one = two. And we got all that and more with the magnificent cushions from KISINA Déco.

The story behind the company

KISINA Déco is first and foremost a wonderful story. Prima Mabonzo, the owner of Congolese origin, moved to Montreal for her studies 9 years ago after traveling all over Africa (and elsewhere in the world, of course!). In 2014, family circumstances made her question her career and question the meaning of her life.

“Life cannot be just that, there has to be a meaning. "

When it came to her idea of ​​starting her business, she wanted to create something related to Africa. According to her, Africa is absent from the media and yet it represents joy and life with its colors; "The world needs to know what it is !! »She confides to me.

In 2016, she began her efforts to found her business. This journey has not always been easy, between her full-time job, setting up the business plan, seeking funding, ... In 2018, she is ready to start production in Senegal. She packs her bags, reserves her plane ticket and is about to leave when she learns that her travel document, issued by Canada, is not being accepted in Senegal. But Prima does not let herself be defeated, she decides to manage her production remotely. Helped by her sister on site in Senegal, she launched her local production.

In August 2019, its cushions with African flavors are ready to be marketed. She chose to start with the cushions, but the goal is to eventually branch out. The objective is to share this know-how, this rich culture that is that of Africa.

And the collection in all this?

The current offer comes in 13 combos of 3 different cushions in matching colors. But that's not all, these cushions are made from traditional African textiles and each combo is named after an African region. Some are made from traditional fabrics such as batik while others are fabrics made by Western manufacturers and generally consumed by the African population such as Woodin.

The proposed layouts are not only magnificent, they make decorating much easier since they are already arranged, no need to worry about finding several cushions in the same tones.

A business by a women for women

KISINA Déco also has a social vocation. Prima is greatly involved through her role as President of BPW (Business Professional Women) as well as through her support for women. She supports, in particular, women who choose to stay at home to raise their children.

In short, the company, as well as the woman behind it, is greatly inspiring. I can't wait to see what surprises Prima has in store for the future !!

Article published on June 1, 2020 in the blog Déco Maison Moderne - BY CLAUDINE GAGNON (In French Only)

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